Blast Off Events Transfers and Deferrals

Please be aware that when you sign up to one of our events you click to accept the following guidelines as part of the Etchrock registration process:

Tickets and event entries for Blast Off Events are non-refundable. However we do offer a few options should you find yourself unable to take part in an event you have entered. You must action one of the following before the deadline date outlined for the event. It is your responsibility to make sure the transfers/deferrals have been completed before the deadline, otherwise you will lose the place.

Option 1: Transfer your Race Place to another Event

You can transfer your ticket over to another Rocket Race event via your participant dashboard within Etchrock. Find out how here

Option 2: Transfer Your Race Place to another runner

If you want to transfer your race place to another runner, simply follow these instructions before the transfer deadline date.

Option 3: Defer Your Race Place

EtchRock helps to facilitate deferrals through the EtchRock platform – find out more here. Once you have deferred a ticket you will then be able to claim a ticket to a future event. Please note that if you want to claim a ticket to an event that is not currently selling tickets then you will need to wait for the event to be published and tickets to be put on sale before you can claim a ticket.

Find How To Edit Your Race Entry here

Race Transfer/Deferral Deadlines

Rocket Race Apollo: 6pm on Friday 18 June 2021

Rocket Race Discovery: 6pm on Friday 15 October 2021

Rocket Race Atlantis: 6pm on Friday 5 November 2021