Firmly placing obstacles at the top of our list of priorities, we’ve only gone and brought to life some of our wildest obstacle dreams, taking the normal and evolving them in to something new, innovative and exciting! Here’s just a sneaky peek at what you might face at Rocket Race:

Photo by Epic Action Imagery (www.epicactionimagery.com)

Rocketeers Walk
Being based in the rural South West we just had to chuck in some tractor tyre work

Badger Field
The stuff of an RD’s dreams… and a racers nightmare

You certainly will be!

Twinkle Toes
Rope and water? What could go wrong

climbHillbilly Hurdles
Attack it like you’re Linford Christie

An OCR must and all about teamwork

You certainly will be!

Bog Trotter
Its OCR – get down and dirty

Launch Pad
It’s tougher than it sounds

slideThe Rocket
Because every OCR needs a signature obstacle

Pole Dancer
Mind your sternum!

Neptune’s Net
Get down and prepare to eat dirt!

Buddy up and get your leg over

Reach for the Sky
Head for the clouds with our little rope climb

One Small Step

Photo by Epic Action Imagery (www.epicactionimagery.com)

You’ll feel on top of the world

Av It!
More tyres! This time send one soaring into space

Star Catcher
Take that leap of faith…

Paddy’s Revenge
How will you tackle our giant table?

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