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NOT just another manic Monday – my day working with a Race Director

by Gareth Sparrowhawk Those that know me, and those of you that don't, I work in an office 9-5 as an Accountant; at the weekend I come to life trying to do all things Obstacle Race related. I asked Rocket Race's Race Director David Baird at his event in December "How is it all done?". David said "I am here, always ... More

Why Volunteer at an OCR? Kevin tells us his story……

by Rocket Race Volunteer, Kevin Stevens. Why volunteer at Rocket Race? (Well you’ll get a free T-Shirt and a free race entry but other than that..) They do say “Tis better to give, than to receive” but what if there was a way to do both? You’d be a mug to miss out wouldn’t you? Well ... More


By Timothy Dawson, Rocketeer After a major problem tackling depression, I eventually started using fitness instead of medication as a way of battling through; but something was always lacking. I needed a goal, something to overcome and achieve. So when someone showed me a clip of a Spartan Race I knew I had to take part ... More

DIY SOS – the Build Begins!

By Race Director Bairdy So after weeks of planning, launching the website and mastering the marketing, bookings for Rocket Race have started coming in thick and fast, which is brilliant. However for me the real excitement has started this last week getting hands on and actually building Rocket Race! Its not been all plain ... More

Seizing the day at Spartan

By RR Marketing Mistress So despite being involved behind the scenes at RR, I'm still very much an OCR newbie and only completed my first race back in May 2015, a Tough Mudder. Its safe to say I was well and truly bitten by the bug, and took on Nuclear Rush two weeks later followed by a Pukka Race at the end of June (and ... More