Why Volunteer at an OCR? Kevin tells us his story……

by Rocket Race Volunteer, Kevin Stevens.

Why volunteer at Rocket Race? (Well you’ll get a free T-Shirt and a free race entry but other than that..)

They do say “Tis better to give, than to receive” but what if there was a way to do both? You’d be a mug to miss out wouldn’t you? Well dear friend there is and it’s called race day volunteering, so you need to grab this rare opportunity with both hands.

I’ve volunteered at a few races now, originally my motives were entirely self-centred, I mean whose going to argue with saving money on race tickets in today’s economic climate! Quickly though it became apparent I was taking a lot more out of the whole volunteering ‘thing’ than just the financial rewards, so hopefully I can put into words what that ‘thing’ is and you’ll decide to jump on board and join me out volunteering at Rocket Race (24th October)

Kevin & his friend, Kate Webb

Kevin & his friend, Kate Webb.

1) Mud – First things first, I like to get muddy, I mean really muddy, I just love it, I also like to be outdoors, so muddy and outdoors is pretty much my idea of heaven. I assume this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and I’m told some people like to watch corrie curled up on the sofa eating chocolates but that isn’t me. This love of mud might be some revolutionary reaction to being told to keep clean as kid or it might be something that developed in later life having spent my entire career stuck in sterile offices breathing recycled air, but who cares, I like to be muddy and outdoors, so if your anything like me then score one for volunteering right there because there will be Mud, lots of it, copious amounts of sticky, gooey mud.

One happy Marshall!

One happy Marshall!

2.) Cool People – You are going to meet some very cool people who share a lot of the same interest as you. You couldn’t avoid it if you tried (not sure why you would though) you have to meet these people because you will be working with them and helping them on the course all day, for one day it’s going to be your duty to hang out with people like you, who are doing something they love.

3) Make Someone’s Race – You will interact with almost every racer going through the course on the day you volunteer, that means on the 24th October you will have the opportunity to make hundreds of peoples days just a little bit better, just a little bit brighter and in return you get to watch as they achieve something they didn’t think they would be capable of, believe me the looks on their faces are more than fair compensation.

4.) You get to be really nice for the whole day! – I’m a middle manager for a large company, it’s a very practical job requires a level of authority and a serious demeanour. Volunteering gives me the chance to be nice all day, I can high five people without fear of cynicism, I can encourage strangers to strive and achieve their goals, I get to relish in other peoples victories with no sense of bitterness. It’s nice to be nice.

5.) Maybe the coolest race day ever? – You get to run (FOR FREE!!!) in what could well be the coolest race ever the day after the main event. I’ve run lots of obstacle races on my own, sometimes I like to just try and clock a good quick time and push myself, but I‘ve also run lots of races in large teams with varying fitness levels and have loved the camaraderie of being on a team. This could be a once in a life time opportunity to do both, running a lapped course with the entire field made up of people you spent the previous day working with!

And finally, good volunteers can make an average event a good event and turn a good event to a great event, join up and make a difference and have a bloody good laugh doing it.

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