By Timothy Dawson, Rocketeer
After a major problem tackling depression, I eventually started using fitness instead of medication as a way of battling through; but something was always lacking. I needed a goal, something to overcome and achieve. So when someone showed me a clip of a Spartan Race I knew I had to take part and quickly booked in to run my first sprint back in September 2014. Now I had a goal and something to strive for. Unconventionally I used exercise dvds (and occasionally the gym) and I got fit, fit enough to take on the Spartan; and when I crossed the finish line? You guessed it, I was hooked. I still remember walking down the hill at Pippingford, seeing the event village, hearing the noise and chatter of an OCR going on around me, glimpsing the track winding off in to the distance; it all set the excitement of the day and on finishing I had achieved more than I could have ever hoped, making the top 40!

That was it, I wanted more. So I looked to 2015 and started booking a few local OCR’s, pushing myself to tackle longer distances and see what I could do both running solo and as part of a team. Still convinced that my fitness wasn’t great I wanted to see if I could do more but just hated the gym and was struggling to be motivated. Then at one race and in true OCR fashion I got talking to a nice couple who told me of a local bootcamp run by a guy who loves OCR and gears his training in a style that reflects that passion. After making a few enquiries I went along to my first Bairdys Bootcamp Session, and very quickly found my drive again thanks to the encouragement of others, and an excellent PTI. As I trained more with the group I found myself beginning to encourage those around me, and loved it. My trainer Bairdy gave me the belief that I could do more so I entered the Spartan Race again with aims of completing the trifecta, but also finding more OCRs from the camp; one of which was World War Run. A few days after putting my all in to this race I received an email saying Id qualified for the UK OCR championship, all thanks to the drive and push I found at from training at Bairdys Bootcamp.


Now I have the privilege of helping Bairdy achieve his own goal by helping with the construction of Rocket Race. To see the ideas he has on paper take shape and come to life is brilliant and Im learning so much, and with so many rewards. Now I see others enjoying what I have, pushing themselves beyond their perceived limitations and achieving everything they set out to achieve, and its all thanks to Bairdys Camp and Rocket Race. I cant wait for October and for the chance to run this new race for real as I know its been built by people who love OCR, for people who love OCR. The course is unbelievable and its amazing being part of the team behind it all in my own way.
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