DIY SOS – the Build Begins!

By Race Director Bairdy
So after weeks of planning, launching the website and mastering the marketing, bookings for Rocket Race have started coming in thick and fast, which is brilliant. However for me the real excitement has started this last week getting hands on and actually building Rocket Race! Its not been all plain sailing however.

On day one of the build I rocked up to our local timber merchants, proudly clutching a list of carefully worked out measurements. What I hadn’t realised was that I’d need a degree in wood to actually make my purchase; tough cut, smooth cut, treated, non-treated, carcassing timbers, stress frames and so, so many more! With my male pride at stake, I explained exactly what the wood was needed for, and what followed was a conversation along the lines of ah so youre doing something like that Tough Mudder I rolled my eyes, typical! yes, exactly was my reply. The next day I was primed and ready for delivery, tools in hand; however what arrived was not cut to length and so three times longer than everything Id drawn; a little rethinking was needed! With plan b in mind I found myself propping these extra-long lengths of wood up on the tractor tyres at my training camp for cutting and screwing as this seemed both manly and OCR enough to get away with! However, perhaps Ive finally got to that stage in life where I should admit that it might actually be useful to own a Black and Decker Workmate! Ploughing on and the next challenge soon appeared; drilling through these toughened planks with my less than adequate drill! A 2hr build would have ended up taking two days due to a never ending cycle of putting in 4 screws recharging. 4 screws recharging! The next day, following a trip to a well-known hardware chain, an investment was made and the first Rocket Race build was finished success!


Feeling all manly the next job was a visit to the guys at Fairview Vehicles to source some tyres for several exciting new obstacles. This was a two man job, but unfortunately only Marketing Mistress Kerry was available. So in the torrential rain we sorted, stacked, shook and then piled a whole range of vehicle tyres in to the back of a van and sped off through the floods to Rocket World. Avoiding the temptation to go off-roading (well, just!) the first delivery of tyres was stacked into an exciting pile, and yet again I could see my obstacle visions coming to life!


Being based in the country it had always been inevitable that Rocket Race would feature hay bales, lots of hay bales. After visiting several local farms and having the same conversation about what an OCR is (and facing several bemused farmers who concluded with so you want my best bales to jump and climb on, not feed animals?!) I finally found our farmer. Another interesting chat about measurements took place, ending with me just ordering the biggest hay bales you can get please and then the wait for better weather was on. That day was Wednesday and the sense of anticipation I felt stood down at the track, waiting for their delivery was unbelievable.

The tractor and trailer piled high with bales really was a thing of beauty as it entered the field; and as the bales were unloaded and arranged, the obstacle that I’d dreamt up, sketched and imagined quickly came to life before my eyes. The OCR racer in me was awakened and after a good twenty minutes of playing on our new toy, I can concluded that Yokels Ascent is a fun obstacle that’s not quite as easy as it first seems.

Cheers for reading Rocketeers

As any OCR runner will understand, you cant be presented with a bar above head height and not do a few pull ups on it, even if it’s attached to a tractor being driven by a farmer wanting to get home for his dinner!

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