Seizing the day at Spartan

By RR Marketing Mistress
So despite being involved behind the scenes at RR, I’m still very much an OCR newbie and only completed my first race back in May 2015, a Tough Mudder. Its safe to say I was well and truly bitten by the bug, and took on Nuclear Rush two weeks later followed by a Pukka Race at the end of June (and maybe an inflatable colour run in between!). However from day one it was a Spartan Race that Rocket Race Director David insisted I should take on. Doing my best to listen to his advice, I jumped on the net and had a look at their site, and its safe to say I was trembling at the knees. Faced with image after image of toned muddy women scaling walls and climbing ropes with ease, all with their abs on show and generally looking fantastic, coupled with hard hitting taunts challenging me to take part I was already running for the hills.

kerry 2
Now if theres one thing our RD is, its persistent, and before I knew what had happened, I’d signed up for last weekends 5k sprint in Manchester. Proudly announcing this at training a few days before, our RD upped the game and decided that I couldn’t possibly go all the way to Manchester and just run 5k that night I gave in and swapped my entry from the 5k Sprint to the 10k Super now there really was no turning back!
So having fuelled up the night before on pizza and cider I managed to force down a fairly hearty fried breakfast before setting off on race morning, and am reliably informed that I barely said two words from departure to registration you could say I was a little nervous! The normal OCR procedures then followed; register, fit timing chip, scan the village, neck a bottle of water, visit the lav, pop on a headband, find my game face and make my way to the start line and before I knew it we were off I was actually running a Spartan, on one of the hottest days of the year.

Kerry - Spartan Race
And do you know what, I loved it. Every worry Id had prior to the race was completely irrational and all based on the perception I had of Spartan, its races and its racers from the associated imagery Id seen. Ok, so I still cant scale a rope, and I may not have mastered the monkey bars, but I knew that before I started. The course was varied, the obstacles were challenging but achievable and the atmosphere was as good as any race I’ve done to date.

The moral of the story? Well theres several I guess; dont spend too much time reading in to every detail of a race the real thing can be very different. If it feels right (or the bling is good) then book yourself in. Remember one of the fundamental facts of OCR however hard the obstacle, its a team event and nobody is ever left to struggle. This is true of any race, any distance, anywhere. Finally, believe in yourself! The biggest thing Im learning from OCR is that quite often when I’ve already convinced myself I cant , I actually can!

kerry 3
What I probably should have told you is that after registering last Saturday morning, I was herded in to the 5k sprint race with my two running comrades and loved it so much that upon finishing I necked a Lucozade and some dried fruit, hugged one running partner goodbye and set off on the 10k Super with the other! Yes, I did the Spartan double and am so very, very pleased that I gave into peer pressure and challenged myself that little bit more.

Roll on September and the Beast!

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